Trump and Mike Pence have conflict over impeachment

Trump is in an impeachment inquiry for secret dealings with Ukraine to win next election. Trump seems to be trying to get Pence investigated for his dealings with Ukraine. Trump is known for blaming people and may just be trying to throw Pence under the bus. Trump may be trying to impeach Mike Pence. Donald Trump has always had doubts of keeping Mike Pence his vice president. He does not want to be impeached and wants to win a second term as president. Trump will blame anyone he can in order to keep his image good, even though his image was never good. Trump’s popularity was never even 50%.  He is trying to hurt Joe Biden so he does not have as strong as a competitor, and is more likely to stay in office for a second term. Trump sees his sons as future  presidents of the United States and  wants to establish a dynasty that supports his company and the bourgeoisie, similar to Bushes (George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, and attempted with JEB) though they did not not have as much of a company as Trump. If Pence is impeached Nancy Pelosi will most likely become president. Republicans may not like this. Nancy Pelosi is the Head Speaker of the House so that means she is 3rd in line to be president. The Impeachment with Trump seems to be progressing, so we may see a change.

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