Feliz 27 Años Las Zapatistas

En 1 Enero 1994 CE Las Zapatistas se rebelaron contra la gobierno opresivo Mexicano  y hicieron comunidads con libertad y igualdad. La revolución tuvo lugar el mismo día que se aprobó el TLCAN. Las Zapatistas había existido como grupo militante durante años antes del levantamiento Zapatista, pero tenía mucho menos poder. Están dirigidos en gran medida por personas como el Subcomandante Marcos (Subcomandante Insurgente Galeano) y llevan el nombre de Emiliano Zapata (el tipo del billete de 10 MXN) que había hecho la reforma agraria y muchas otras cosas para ayudar a los pobres. En su mayoría están ubicados en Chiapas y les está yendo mejor que las regiones Pro Gobierno. No se manejan como un Estado, no tienen poder centralizado, las decisiones se toman de manera similar a la democracia directa y todos los mayores de 12 años pueden votar. Hay personas con influencia, pero no tienen tanto poder político. Los militares (EZLN) no pueden tener ningún poder político. Los Zapatistas todavía están luchando con los mexicanos, pero en general lo están haciendo bien. Ayudaron a reducir la desigualdad, las corporaciones, el daño al medio ambiente, la tala, el capitalismo, la opresión de los pueblos indígenas y más. Su sistema no es perfecto, pero sigue siendo una gran mejora con respecto a lo que había en ese momento. Alabamos el Levantamiento Zapatista que ocurrió hoy hace 27 años.







The Generations of Minecraft and their differences


Minecraft has been a game which has existed For over a decade.  Over time, players have gotten different. The Minecraft community has gotten much different overtime. From the Earliest Testers  to the Bedrock players today, things have been much different, as well as Mojang and other involved parties.  I see around 7 Minecraft Generations.


0) People who played the past protominecraft such as Minecraft 4KB and  other similar things, as well as some Infiniminer related things, this is all proto-Minecraft so is not considered a full generation. Mostly 2008-2009/2010 era

1) Very Early MC testers, like the 1st people who ever downloaded the Game. These were like the very 1st versions (Mostly 2009-2010). This is also known as the Order of the Stone (Though the term would eventually be used for the story mode) or Pre-Classic Eras.

2) Is the more mainstream early Minecrafters This is mostly The Classic, Indev, Infdev, and Alpha Versions (Mostly 2010-2012). This is where a decent about of early growth came from. Also where Herobrine likely originated from.

3) This is the Beta Era (Mostly 2012) and Mostly Minecraft lots of the other generations may also be part of this one. From the Beginning of the Beta Stages in testing, to Around Minecraft Beta 1.8.x. This Version is technically part of the Beta Phase, but is much different than the rest and this version is sometimes condemned.  Release 1.0 was originally supposed to be Beta 1,9 and is also a bit different than the other Betas so is also left out aside from the fact that Beta 1.9 eventually became a Release Version.

4) Early Release Version, Beta 1.8.x – Release 1.4.x/1.5.x , This includes the Beta 1.8.x, Beta 1.9, and Release 1.0 and ends around the 1.4 and 1.5 era. This is also the era Where Pocket Edition and Console Editions started growing.

5) Modding/Creativity Era, this is mostly Versions 1.4.x-1.7.x.  Mostly lasted until 2015.  This I would consider the Golden Age For me, this was the Time I joined  and There was lots of cool modding, Some of the Best Modding Versions in my opinion were 1.6.4, 1.7.10, 1.5.2, 1.7.2, 1.4.5, 1.6.2, 1.5.1, 1.5, 1.6.1, 1.6, 1.6.3 and some other versions to a lesser extent. Some of the most popular youtubers which existed were Sky (and Team Crafted in General), Stampy, Machinima  Network , JackSucks, PopularMMOs, Minecraft Trolling,XboxAddictionz, And More.  This, along with the Beta Era and the 0-3 Eras were some of the most bootleg eras. Even I was involved in the modding at the time.

6)  This is the Decline Era from Around 2015 to about 2019, or 1.14 , It kind of started in the late 1.7 Era, Realms were becoming more popular (Though Realms were  1st Introduced in 1.5 or possibly earlier), Development Struggles (1.7.6-1.7.9 was a development struggle), broken compatibility with other 1.7 Versions, slow development, weak modding (except for 1.7.10), less innovation from Mojang and more. When 1.8 came out this, while adding some important stuff for Redstone, was largely a decorations update which added less features and cool things, less game breaking ideas and just made the game slower, slightly worsened PVP, and made the game better for builders, but less for adventurers. The Modding system was also badly damaged in 1.8, the World Border was worsened, and more. 1.9 did add new functionality and I in some ways would have kind of liked it if it had been executed better and I would have changed a lot of things (such as cool down time which they are currently trying to revise). This was also the time Mojang updated their Mojang EULA and a little after Microsoft Bough Mojang and Micro-transactions were becoming bigger and bedrock was starting development.     The next Java updates were also largely decorations or passive mobs and fairly weak aggressive  mobs. They also made a lot of controversial changes especially in the World Builder at this time. This era in many ways was considered a large decline. Many of the youtubers from the last era still existed but started to decline or move on at this time. Other Competition such as Supercell and Roblox also contributed to the decline.  Some of Mojang’s other games also have issues around this time, most Notably Scrolls, which was for a long time Vapourware until being renamed Caller’s Bane.  Story Mode also came around this time.

7) Regrowth Era

This is the era we are kind of in now, Minecraft around 2019 near its 10th birthday started to rise again with some improvements, a re-interest in modding and server development, such as Fabric, Paper, New Forge Versions, ProtocolSupport, Good Youtubers such as Skeppy, BBH, JackSucks, Sky, AntVenom, FitMC and Mr.Beast6000 as Big Youtubers, and more. This era emerged as Fortnite was under a decline and may slowly decline due to Among Us or other new innovative games.  Minecraft surly has an unsure fate ahead. Java Edition started to be taken more seriously and Minecraft Dungeons came out which may provide improvements. It will be interesting to see what happens from here.

Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, and Windows Server 2008R2 End Support. Download a Browser for these OSs.


These operating Systems still make up a 3rd of the Desktop and Server marketshare and on 14 January 2020 CE Microsoft Will be Ending free Support for these. Paid Support lasts until 2023CE (Same time as Windows 8,1) . This applies to Windows 7. Windows Vista (Unofficially), Windows Server 2008, and Windows Server 2008R2. Windows Vista ended Official Support in 2017CE but since the structure of Windows Server 2008 was similar to that of Windows Vista updates could still be installed on Windows Vista. We have came across all these OSs at one point, as we Still Use Windows Vista for many of our middle spec  Virtual Machines and still have them on some of our computers,  like many other people. For this reason, we have updated our XP Browser so that it is also a Browser for Windows Vista-2008R2/7. It will now be referred to as “XPto7/2008R2 Browser by Asbestosstar.”. It is a Browser which has some of the basic Securities you need for surfing the Web and it supports older OSs and is easy to make even more secure (under the condition that you sacrifice some convenience) by Going to Clear Data, and Tell it to auto Delete after close. It is a great Browser Based on Maxthon 5.  Download it on the Link Below. Also, the Emmbedded version of Windows 7 is supported until 13 October 2020CE.

Download Browser for Windows 7


These are not the only products Microsoft is ending support for though, they have a whole list .

This Browser is supposed to be used temporally until you go to a Unix Like System, or for retro machines.

Happy Final Day of Hanukkah and what is the Maccabean Revolt

For 2019CE, on the Gregorian Calendar, today is the last day of Hanukkah. On the Hebrew Calendar, it Begins 25 Kislev, and ends 2 Tevet or 3 Tevet on some years.  The Holiday is supposed to last 8 Days, and the background from this is a story that during a revolt, the Jews only had enough oil to light a candle for 1 Day, but it lasted 8 days. Judea had been part of the Ptolemaic Kingdom until 200 BCE when the Seleucid Empire took it over. Antiochus III the Great was the leader of the Empire at the time. Antiochus III allowed the Jews to continue to live their lives how they had before and to keep their https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/bd/Maccabean_revolt.jpgcustoms. After Antiochus III died, their successor, Antiochus IV did not allow the Jews to keeps their customs and traditions, and they outlawed Judaism. Antiochus IV demanded that a statue of Zeus be put in a temple which was previously used for Judaism. . Mattathias (Mattityahu), a Jewish priest, and his five sons Jochanan, Simeon, Eleazar, Jonathan, and Judah led a rebellion against Antiochus IV. This would eventually what would lead to Hanukkah. Mattathias killed a Jew which was complying to the conversion of the Temple and the Rebellion had begun. Later Judah had retaken the temple and  “cleansed” it (meaning they made it Jewish again rather than Greek). According to the Talmud, unadulterated and undefiled pure olive oil with the seal of the kohen gadol (high priest) was needed for the menorah in the Temple, which was required to burn throughout the night every night. This is why they needed the candles so much and why the holiday was declared. The revolt was know as the Maccabean Revolt as it was from a type of Jews who rebelled. Judea then became an Independent Nation which lead to the independent Hasmonean dynasty . The new country was located in Modern Day Palestine and Israel. Israel is the modern day country where the Jews live, though it is in conflict with a country called Palestine which also owns Jewish Lands but is mostly Muslim.  Neither Palestine nor Israel are fully recognised around the world, and they have land disputes.

Judea During the Revolt
Judea During the Revolt



What is Neo-Liberalism?

Neo-Liberalism is one of the economic systems used in the United States, and many other countries in the west. You may even hear the US Democratic Party and the UK Labour Party called “Liberal” (though the Labour Party is often considered Social Democracy (which is similar)). Neo-Liberalism is basically Capitalism with regulations. The idea is that to help the workers. but keep capitalism, they just put regulations so they do not have to replace the system. This has many issues as it allows an exploitive system to keep existing, just a little “less bad”. Things Neo-Liberals often support are taxes, welfare, business regulations, and stuff like that. The Term became popular in the 1960s and 1970s CE, and is a new version of Liberalism which became popular after the 2nd Great War(Neo means new). It is often associated with laissez-faire. Neo-Liberalism is supposed to allow laissez-faire, but with regulations which are supposed to help large corporations be “checked”.

Flaws of Neo-Liberalism

Neo-Liberalism has many flaws. One of the mains ones is that it allows capitalists to continue to exploit workers and harm the people in other countries who are poorer. All Neo-Liberalism does is it adds limitations which are supposed to protect the workers, but they often do not, they just allow capitalism to continue to reign for longer, as may look like the workers are getting many “victories”, even though they are not. Neo-Liberalism has not gotten rid of wage labour, but has just slightly improved wages and wage regulations, please check out why we are against the minimum wage, where we look at it from both a capitalist and a communist perspective.


Another issue with the attempts with Neo-Liberalism is the large companies still stay on top, and the regulations do not help the smaller companies which are run by  less rich people. In-fact, the large corporations often do not pay that much is taxes, if any, while the average person or small business still has to pay taxes like normal. The Guardian reported Netflix, did not pay any income tax in 2018. A large company is still easily able to keep a smaller company from being able to reliably compete.


Another issue is that many places that use Neo-Liberalism have Neo-Nazi or Neo-Fascist tendencies, such as the United States, and Neo-Liberalism helps keep it like this. Neo-Liberalism tries to regulate economics, and while doing it, they only really enforce it for the smaller companies, while the larger companies often get let off for stuff that normal companies would have to do.  This means that the individual is more controlled by the state unless they work for one of the large companies, where the boss would control you more.  This leads to corporatism and authoritarianism (and eventually totalitarianism (which has already partially happened in the United States)). Since Neo-Liberalism just helps postpone revolution, very little stops the state and bourgeoisie from grabbing tonnes of power before the proletariat can do anything.

What is an Alternative to Neo-Liberalism?

An Alternative to Neo-Liberalism is Communism. The Proletariat will revolt and overthrow the state and become self-supporting, no longer relying on Capitalists. The workers own the means of production and there is no currency or bosses or state. People live in Communes and use workplace democracy and trade with other communes through mutual aid. Communism happens after the workers revolt and after the state, currency/money, and capitalism are abolished in the area that Communism is happening. Communism brings a higher standard of living for everyone (except the former Bosses in most cases).



Merry Christmas 2019! Who Was Jesus?




Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree, a Symbol often used to Represent Christmas

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate. Christmas is a holiday where a person named Santa Clause goes over night to all the houses and gives children presents under their tree or in a stocking while they are sleeping. While the story of Santa Clause is most likely impossible with the current technology, but it is sometimes nice to think about Santa Going to all the houses in a short amount of time. But the main point of Christmas for some is not about the presents or food, but for some its more about religion. Christians often celebrate Christmas Day as the day Jesus (also referred to as Jesus of Nazareth or Jesus Christ (Most Commonly by Christians)). In this article we will mostly be dealing with what Christians say, and what Historians say, we will occasionally say what Muslims say, but less so as Jesus was more important to Christianity.

Icon of Jesus
Icon of Jesus

25 December is the 5th Day of Winter Solstice on the Gregorian Calender and 1st on the Roman Calender. It was also originally a Pagan Holiday Roman cult of Sol, which was meant to Honour Sol Invictus. This is also likely why Christmas is celebrated on 25 December (More on that Later). Christmas in 2019 is also the 4th Day of Hanukkah.


Jesus was known for being the person who claimed to be “the son of God”. They lived in a place called Judea, which was part of the Roman Empire at the time. They are the reason we have the BCE/BC and CE/AD split in the Gregorian Calender as 1AD/CE was supposed to be the date Jesus was Born (BC means Before Christ). Vulgar Era is also a common term to represent the time after the Birth of Jesus, but has a different Origin. Though the expected year by many Historians is 4BC/BCE. The exact date of Birth of Jesus is also unknown, many historians put the date around 25 March, or sometime in the Spring. 25 December is regarded by many as the Date of Birth Because Saint Augustine says “Hence it is that He was born on the day which is the shortest in our earthly reckoning and from which subsequent days begin to increase in length. He, therefore, who bent low and lifted us up chose the shortest day, yet the one whence light begins to increase.”. They are referring to the Winter Soloist, which is  which is when the sun changes its position and Days become longer. There may have also been relation to a Roman Holiday referred to as Cult of Sol, though this is more debatable and people have even used this Holiday as a reason to celebrate Christmas on a Different day to not “Paganise” the Holiday.

Jesus was the main founder of Christianity. According to Christianity, Jesus was born from Virgin Mary and the Holy Spirit made Mary Pregnant. Jesus soon started spreading stories which Challenged the Jewish people who lived in the area, though  Jesus soon started to get a following and with it lots of people who hated them. Eventually they were captured and sentenced to death. Christians believed that they were Crucified on a Cross (a common punishment for the time) and died for  everyone’s Sins. Christians also say that Jesus was Resurrected. Christianity was a Small religion for a long time unit around the 4th Century CE, when it became the new Religion for the Roman Empire. Christianity is now the Largest Religion (though is soon to loose to Islam).  Christianity was used by the Europeans for much of history with the Pope being the most powerful person in Europe.

There is Still Scepticism that they existed, though most Historians believe that they did in fact exist.


Muslims also put some value in Jesus, recognising them as a Prophet, though there are some take always. They often don’t celebrate Christmas. Muslims also believe Jesus was born of a virgin, but was neither God nor the son of God. They also say Jesus was never Divine and that Jesus was raised into heaven physically by God rather than being Crucified.


Jesus is often refereed to as Christ. This came from the Jews who believed that the Messiah was the Christ. Though Jewish people reject that Jesus was the Messiah, similar to how Christians Reject Muhammad from Islam.


Click Here To read about Mawlid and Muhammad and Islam

Also happy Birthday Isaac Newton, the person who Discovered Gravity!


The Leftist Case against a Minimum Wage

The minimum wage is an attempt to try to force companies to create a liveable wage for their employees. Labour Unions like the Industrial Workers of the World fought to raise it. However, it still remains ineffective and possibly even counter-productive in keeping Worker’s Rights. This article used the United States as its main example, but most of the stuff is applicable to other countries to an extent.

If you want to see my older article on the subject from mostly a capitalist viewpoint, please check out Why We need to abolish the Minimum Wage (Old)

It’s Not Liveable

First of All, the Minimum wage is not really all that liveable, at least in the United States unless you choose to be homeless. The Federal Government makes the minimum wage 7,25USD an hour, though states may have their own. Full time is 8 hours making it about 58USD a day, if you work 5 days in a week thats 290USD a week, About 1200USD a Month and around 14400USD a Year. According to ApartmentList The Median Price of a Flat in the United States is around 1000USD per month for 1 Bedroom. If you only ate Potatoes, you would need to eat about 21 of them to meet the recommended calorie intake (a Postdate is around 56 Calories and the Recommended is around 1200 a day). A bag for 1USD contains around that many. If you eat only that you can get buy for 30USD a month for food. The Basic Utilities (Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, Rubbish) will cost you around 70USD on the cheap end (does not include Internet). For Internet  you will most likely have to pay (Unless 10 Hours a Month for Free From NetZero is good Enough), for a DSL Connection you will Probably need to Pay around 40USD a Month . If you need a Bus Pass that will cost Around 20USD a month, if you need a Mobile Plan, thats 1USD a month from FreedomPop. If you choose to have Insurance, the price for that is About 400USD a month for an individual. Already we are in debt, and we have not even considered taxes and emergency spending or interest rate from your past debt. The Minimum wage is not liveable if you choose to live a normal life.

The Minimum Wage does not keep up well with Inflation

Many people in the US want to raise the Minimum wage to 15USD an hour. More than 50% agree with this. I can to an extent agree with this. The 7,25USD minimum wage was passed in 1994CE. 7,25USD in 1994 is about the same as 11USD in 1994. But since the US government is so slow, it may be a few years until the Minimum wage is updated. By then, Inflation would have caught up. The Minimum wage in the United States does not keep up with Inflation.

It creates an Artificial Pay limit

The Minimum wage also makes an artificial pay limit. It sets a suggested number which everyone chooses to set as their payment for their employees rather than a living wage. It allows for companies to pay a little bit over minimum wage sound like they are paying a lot when in reality they are still not paying a liveable wage. If a company pay 13USD an hour its not much better than a 7,25USD  per hour wage. The Minimum wage increasing also gives land lords the green light to raise their prices. If the minimum wage were to raise, landlords would just raise prices and inflation in general would go up thus eventually cancelling out the raise.The minimum wage also in many ways sets the standard salary for other jobs. If you have a 2nd tier job, just make it pay 20 000 USD a month, its more than minimum wage but not a liveable wage, and for each tier, you just add a little bit more. This is what happens when you have a low minimum wage and the  state rather than the unions try to regulate it which brings us to our Next Point.

It weakens Unions

The Minimum wage tries to make unions less relevant. If the wage is set to something super low, but just high enough to make some people happy, the workers wont rebel and demand higher wages. Unions get weaker since there is less use for them which allows for the wages to stay low.  If the workers all got together on strike, they would get much higher than what the minimum wage is, but the minimum wage is just enough to make the workers not go on strike and demand higher wages, meaning that it is just meant to weaken something (Unions) to keep something else the same (Capitalism and Low Wages).

It keeps Capitalism alive

The Minimum wage is just a Neo-Liberal way to keep capitalism intact. It is part of a negotiation between the Bourgeoisie and the Proletariat mediated by the State. But this just gives the state more of a reason to exist and lets the bourgeoisie continue to exist. We dont want to negotiate with these pigs, we want to overthrow them, they are leeches and as long as they exist, we are being exploited.

Workers are Still Exploited

The Bourgeoisie still makes profits off the worker’s labour, even if they are paying them more. It does not in any way fix Worker Labour Exploitation or Wage Slavery. Even if it does work for large Corporations, the Minimum wage may harm smaller businesses which are just starting out. In the beginning, a business may not be able to pay liveable wages, though a worker may still choose to work there for other reasons, though they cant because of the Minimum wage laws. In the long run this leads to Monopolies forming.

The fear of Globalism

If we have minimum wage laws, the Bourgeoisie may just move their work force to Asia or Africa for a fraction of the cost, profiting a United States Company, and keeping the those countries poor. This is already happening in the Chinas and Africa where people (including Children) in those countries are being paid pennies a day to do work when the company owner does nothing and gets huge profit.


An Alternative to the Minimum wage.

There are great alternatives to the minimum wage which carry less or none of the negative effects we listed above.

One of them is a “Maximum Wage” like the 1:12 Ratio in the Swiss Confederation. What this does is it makes the highest paid person in a company make a maximum of 12 times as much as the lowest worker. The benefit to this is it prevents 1 person from raising to the top and provides better living conditions for the workers and more equality in general.  While the Swiss do have a Minimum wage, the 1:12 ratio is a much better way to fix the problem.


Another way is Socialism or Communism.

Socialism and Communism are not the evil ideologies portrayed in the West. Socialism is when the workers take control of the means of production and abolish the bourgeoisie and is a step towards communism for Marxists.  Communism is a step further than socialism, in Communism, the state and Money/Currency are both abolished.  All transactions are between workers and there are no bosses and all the resources are owned collectively. This is good because it can help impoverished peoples improve their living conditions and not be exploited, and it helps just about everyone except the former bourgeoisie and state.



Also happy 100th Birthday to CPUSA on 20 December 2019CE.

02 December 2019 Ditch School Day

02 December is the day were you are supposed to ditch school. School, at least in the US, is a Neo-Nazi Organisation which controls you a tonne and it would be better if it was dismantled. I am happy for the people who ditched school and hope they had a very good day.





Happy Birthday 199th Friedrich Engles!

28 November 2019 CE is the 199th Birthday of Friedrich Engles! Engles was the main co-writer for Marx’s work. They are a huge part of history as they helped improve working conditions, and helped spread awesome ideas of freedom. Their ideas were used in created countries which claimed to be Socialist. Even Anarchists like us like what Engles did, as they laid many ideas of what we needed to fix to be free from the bourgeoisie. Engles is often forgotten, but they in many ways were even more important than Marx as they had ideas like “withering away of the state”, which is used by Marxists as a way to finally achieve Communism. We cant wait for Engles’ 200th Birthday.

AirPods Pro 2019: A Worse Version of Something not that good

In 30 October 2019CE, and 2 Days After they were announced, Apple released the AirPod Pros (Officially AirPods Pro), which was supposed to be a new and updated version of the AirPods 2nd Generation, which are a pair of wireless earbuds also sold by Apple. Apple still sells the AirPods 2nd Generation, though I am not sure if they will be a Gen 3. The AirPods Pro are for 250 USD, for reference the original AirPods and Generation 2 Costed 159USD, or 209USD if you also wanted the wireless charging case.  For the AirPod Pro you need iOS 13,2 or watchOS 6,1 or tvOS 13.2 or and macOS Catalina 10,15,1 while the original AirPods worked with IOS 10 on iPhone 5. While it does work on devices which are Bluetooth 4, some features only work on iCloud. The design looks like if you took the ear buds from the Euro Store, and then removed the wires and added some weird features. Most of the features in the 1st 2 generations sucked, and they hardly improved, if at all. You still have what I think is by far the biggest problem, they can easily fall out or get lost.

New Features in AirPods Pro

The New AirPods Pro have better noise cancellation and allow you to hear things on the outside. Such as if you were at work and you wanted to hear what a co-worker was saying but still also wanted to hear music, well these have a built in microphone which allow you to do that, though I honestly do not see what stops the sound cancellation and the microphone from conflicting each other. The sound quality has also improved according to Apple.  They brought Back an the older style of headphones which were common when the iPod was released in 2001. The case for them has also changed. The new case is wider, and in general larger, but possibly thinner.  Apple claims it can hold 24 Hours of charge, and the AirPods Pro can hold about 5 hours, and then can be recharged from the case in 5 minutes. These are bold claims which I honestly doubt are good for the battery. The case also supports wireless charging, which you could also have in Generation 1 and 2 for 50USD more.  These were the main features in the AirPods Pro.

Verdict on AirPods Pro

I do not recommend them. They are not innovative ion most ways, just Gimmicks. Noise Cancellation can be found in many traditional computer headphones. You can also get a referbished pair of AirPods on Ebay for 100GB£, or a New Pair for 129GB£, But I Honestly do not see why you would do that when you  can just get a knock off which can do almost just as good as normal AirPods For a lower Price. Even if you wanted EarBuds, You can get some for 11GB£ on Ebay
200€ is not a price to pay for some headphones that do not do anything interesting, they are super likely to fall out, and even if you just wanted to look rich by having Apple stuff, you can just sacrifice a little quality and buy knockoffs. The AirPods Pro look awful in my opinion, especially compared to originals. I doubt the average person can really find a big difference in Sound Quality, and many Audio Files and older recordings may not even be able to take advantage of these new features without taking up tonnes of Storage Space or Internet Bandwidth. I just see no benefits to having to pay the price for a product which in a lot is ways is inferior. While you may often see them on sale, its often not that big, and you would be better off with a cheaper option.