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We are the Developers of J#4Life!, Asbestosstar's Island Survival, 
2DForLife, Asbestosstar's Browser, Asbestosstar's Browser Foppy Edition, SkoolFreeUnblock, and More
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Asbestosstar's Island Survival strives to be the most realistic and fun survival game for the WII U and other Nintendo Consoles. It was originally a PC game, but we are mostly going to focus on consoles for this game, but there will still be be PC versions, this is still in heavey development.
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J#4Life! is a decsion making game which you are a 15 year old teenager who is a member of a gang and the decisions you make decide how your life turns out. We are selling the source code in our store.
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2DForLife is a 2 Dimentional(2D) side-scroller game which is still in development, it will take place in the Eastern Roman Empire, and is a web game right now, but all there is are just 2 enemies that chace you around. We plan to make this a console game. 
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Asbestosstar's Web Browser is a Web Browser Desgined to compete with FireFox, Chrome, and K-Meleon, it strives to be fast and to be the best overall browser. It is under development and planned to be moved to Gecko. We Are going to be selling source code soon.
Asbestosstar's Browser Logo
Asbestosstar's Web Browser Floppy Edition is a fork in Asbestosstar's Web Browser that is desgined for older ,slower , less powerful computers. It is also planned to move to Gecko.  We will soon be selling source code.
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SkoolFreeUnblock is a family of websites which strives to provide people who go to places that block web pages access to those web pages. We will make a bunch of free websites, then we will put VPN,s and stuff on it. SO far there is only 1 Skoolfreeunblock site, but we are working for more. We have not made our logo yet.
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