The Generations of Minecraft and their differences


Minecraft has been a game which has existed For over a decade.  Over time, players have gotten different. The Minecraft community has gotten much different overtime. From the Earliest Testers  to the Bedrock players today, things have been much different, as well as Mojang and other involved parties.  I see around 7 Minecraft Generations.


0) People who played the past protominecraft such as Minecraft 4KB and  other similar things, as well as some Infiniminer related things, this is all proto-Minecraft so is not considered a full generation. Mostly 2008-2009/2010 era

1) Very Early MC testers, like the 1st people who ever downloaded the Game. These were like the very 1st versions (Mostly 2009-2010). This is also known as the Order of the Stone (Though the term would eventually be used for the story mode) or Pre-Classic Eras.

2) Is the more mainstream early Minecrafters This is mostly The Classic, Indev, Infdev, and Alpha Versions (Mostly 2010-2012). This is where a decent about of early growth came from. Also where Herobrine likely originated from.

3) This is the Beta Era (Mostly 2012) and Mostly Minecraft lots of the other generations may also be part of this one. From the Beginning of the Beta Stages in testing, to Around Minecraft Beta 1.8.x. This Version is technically part of the Beta Phase, but is much different than the rest and this version is sometimes condemned.  Release 1.0 was originally supposed to be Beta 1,9 and is also a bit different than the other Betas so is also left out aside from the fact that Beta 1.9 eventually became a Release Version.

4) Early Release Version, Beta 1.8.x – Release 1.4.x/1.5.x , This includes the Beta 1.8.x, Beta 1.9, and Release 1.0 and ends around the 1.4 and 1.5 era. This is also the era Where Pocket Edition and Console Editions started growing.

5) Modding/Creativity Era, this is mostly Versions 1.4.x-1.7.x.  Mostly lasted until 2015.  This I would consider the Golden Age For me, this was the Time I joined  and There was lots of cool modding, Some of the Best Modding Versions in my opinion were 1.6.4, 1.7.10, 1.5.2, 1.7.2, 1.4.5, 1.6.2, 1.5.1, 1.5, 1.6.1, 1.6, 1.6.3 and some other versions to a lesser extent. Some of the most popular youtubers which existed were Sky (and Team Crafted in General), Stampy, Machinima  Network , JackSucks, PopularMMOs, Minecraft Trolling,XboxAddictionz, And More.  This, along with the Beta Era and the 0-3 Eras were some of the most bootleg eras. Even I was involved in the modding at the time.

6)  This is the Decline Era from Around 2015 to about 2019, or 1.14 , It kind of started in the late 1.7 Era, Realms were becoming more popular (Though Realms were  1st Introduced in 1.5 or possibly earlier), Development Struggles (1.7.6-1.7.9 was a development struggle), broken compatibility with other 1.7 Versions, slow development, weak modding (except for 1.7.10), less innovation from Mojang and more. When 1.8 came out this, while adding some important stuff for Redstone, was largely a decorations update which added less features and cool things, less game breaking ideas and just made the game slower, slightly worsened PVP, and made the game better for builders, but less for adventurers. The Modding system was also badly damaged in 1.8, the World Border was worsened, and more. 1.9 did add new functionality and I in some ways would have kind of liked it if it had been executed better and I would have changed a lot of things (such as cool down time which they are currently trying to revise). This was also the time Mojang updated their Mojang EULA and a little after Microsoft Bough Mojang and Micro-transactions were becoming bigger and bedrock was starting development.     The next Java updates were also largely decorations or passive mobs and fairly weak aggressive  mobs. They also made a lot of controversial changes especially in the World Builder at this time. This era in many ways was considered a large decline. Many of the youtubers from the last era still existed but started to decline or move on at this time. Other Competition such as Supercell and Roblox also contributed to the decline.  Some of Mojang’s other games also have issues around this time, most Notably Scrolls, which was for a long time Vapourware until being renamed Caller’s Bane.  Story Mode also came around this time.

7) Regrowth Era

This is the era we are kind of in now, Minecraft around 2019 near its 10th birthday started to rise again with some improvements, a re-interest in modding and server development, such as Fabric, Paper, New Forge Versions, ProtocolSupport, Good Youtubers such as Skeppy, BBH, JackSucks, Sky, AntVenom, FitMC and Mr.Beast6000 as Big Youtubers, and more. This era emerged as Fortnite was under a decline and may slowly decline due to Among Us or other new innovative games.  Minecraft surly has an unsure fate ahead. Java Edition started to be taken more seriously and Minecraft Dungeons came out which may provide improvements. It will be interesting to see what happens from here.

Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, and Windows Server 2008R2 End Support. Download a Browser for these OSs.


These operating Systems still make up a 3rd of the Desktop and Server marketshare and on 14 January 2020 CE Microsoft Will be Ending free Support for these. Paid Support lasts until 2023CE (Same time as Windows 8,1) . This applies to Windows 7. Windows Vista (Unofficially), Windows Server 2008, and Windows Server 2008R2. Windows Vista ended Official Support in 2017CE but since the structure of Windows Server 2008 was similar to that of Windows Vista updates could still be installed on Windows Vista. We have came across all these OSs at one point, as we Still Use Windows Vista for many of our middle spec  Virtual Machines and still have them on some of our computers,  like many other people. For this reason, we have updated our XP Browser so that it is also a Browser for Windows Vista-2008R2/7. It will now be referred to as “XPto7/2008R2 Browser by Asbestosstar.”. It is a Browser which has some of the basic Securities you need for surfing the Web and it supports older OSs and is easy to make even more secure (under the condition that you sacrifice some convenience) by Going to Clear Data, and Tell it to auto Delete after close. It is a great Browser Based on Maxthon 5.  Download it on the Link Below. Also, the Emmbedded version of Windows 7 is supported until 13 October 2020CE.

Download Browser for Windows 7


These are not the only products Microsoft is ending support for though, they have a whole list .

This Browser is supposed to be used temporally until you go to a Unix Like System, or for retro machines.

Windows XP Ends Support today.

April 9, 2019 is the day support for Windows XP or particularly Windows Embedded POSReady 2009 will end. It may have already ended. Embedded POSReady was the last version of Windows XP. A registry hack can be used on normal XP to receive these updates, and I recommend this. Sadly, there will unlikely be any more updates after today officially from Microsoft. Though MS has provided updates for some unsupported versions of XP when certain malwares have come, but this is rare and may never happen again. Also, The Windows Update Center will acquire a higher level of Encryption and Windows XP may not support it and may no longer be able to receive updates that already exist, you could still update Windows 2000 until 2015. I will be providing updates today on .
The end of Windows XP is sad for me, Windows XP was my childhood and one of the last good versions of Windows. ReactOS still is similar to Server 2003 which is similar to XP, and may be a good replacement.

Other Products are ending support on the same date: You can see here:

See more info on the death of XP here:…s-embedded-posready-2009-reaches-end-of-life/

And be sure to check out
For security to make up for the updates that will be gone. Today A browser was released, I plan to put more XP Stuff. Seized By Law Enforcement and no where to be found

On 8 May, 2019, was seized by the FBI, Europol, and other LE agencies. The owners were both Israeli citizens. 1 was living is Israel, the other was in Brasil. They were accused of money laundering and kickback money. They had an affiliate thing going on where they got commission from everything bought, and also possibly received money for ranking their marketplace. They had tones of money in their dwellings, so they did earn a lot from this. They were both arrested. Their court files can be found on the web. When you go to now it shows an image of seizure.

Their Onion link does not appear to do anything.

I have since then notices that no longer works and their social media has been taken down. I do not know when this happened, and the Wayback Machine on does not index it, but it is probably pretty recently. I can try the Wayback Machine on their social media sometime, but I do not know if DarkWebNews will be back, if it was taken down by LE, or what happened. Their site has Whois guard, so it is hard to find info on this site, and there is less info about it on the web, but if I had to guess, I would guess they are from Panama, since it said that in the WHOIS still.

It seems like recently the government has been cracking down on Dark Web stuff. There is suspision that they were part of the shut down of Dream Market, and they shut down Valhalla, Wall Street, and I think some others recently. I am very upset that the state is trying to get rid of these sites. They help bring privacy to online shopping and the web in general. The state is just choosing to be like Big Brother. Surprisingly, the price of Bitcoin is still going up despite these places being the hotspot of purchases with Bitcoin.

List of Web 2,0 Sites (Updated!) May 2019!

I will filter these a little later, but here is a list of Web 2.0 Sites for your SEO.

If you have your own sites to contribute please add them, but please check if no body else has linked to it already.

Check back here every once and a while, there will be new links.
Here You Go, Enjoy: (Registration Takes you to a paid service) (Redirects to

Not Currently Working Find How To Submit Article) (Cant Find How to Submit Article) (Parked) (Server Not Found) (Temp Unavailable (GoDaddy)) (Server Not Found) (Error 502) (404) (Server Upgrade) (Parked) (White Screen)

What are Guerilla Satellites (SEO)?

A Guerilla Satellite is a mass-made website meant to reach the top of search engines using black hat methods for a short time and bring traffic to another site without hurting the site you want traffic to. It is often done by making tons(tens or hundreds or thousands) of super simple sites (like landing pages) on often free domains (such as .tk, .ml, .ga,, and others) and cheap unlimited eBay hosting and putting a no-follow link to your money site. You then do black hat methods (such as invisible text, spun content, keyword stuffing, and most particularly,) on these Guerrillas Satellites to get them ranked high for a while (I have recently heard these are called churn and burn or rank and bank sites). The idea is you will have so many of them that once they start ranking high, they will reach the 1st page of your keyword, it will start to bury your competitors down pages of search engines. Once 1 Guerilla Satellite gets de-listed or penalised from Search Engines, there will be many more to replace it. Some search engines, such as Bing Powered ones, rarely seem to delist sites. So on these search engines, you would be ahead of your competitors with by many pages for a while (until someone makes a site with higher Domain and Page authority or Keyword Optimisation comes up). You can also do Negative SEO on your competitors (which may initially slow down the process and help them rank at 1st, but once Google and other search engines notice the attack these competitors may be penalised speeding up the process). Even if you do not do Negative SEO on your competition, you can still beat some of your competitors with these sites. The results to your competitors can be devastating. Many of your competitors who are at the top often require a steady flow of dough(money) to keep their business going. Without this dough, they may go out of business or be stunned(unable to grow) for a long time. While your competitors are getting beat down, you should continuing do SEO to your money site (main site you want to rank) so it can eventually be ahead of your competitors after the use of Guerilla Satellites or On the top page with Guerilla Satellites. You can also make many permanent Guerilla Satellites so when you decide to stop making chrun and burn ones you will still have many other sites on the top pages so your competitors are still hurt even without the rapid creation of Guerilla Satellites. Please be sure to make the links to your site on Rapidly made Black Hat using Guerilla Satellites NO-FOLLOW. This is because, if you use Do-Follow, it is likely Search Engines will count these sites as Backlinks, and since they use Black Hat Methods, it may do more harm than good to have them as do-follow backlinks. Guerilla Satellites are not too effective on more competitive keywords and more established competitors who have old domains with more authority than can be built in a month. To make Backlinks, I often Use GSA Search Engine Ranker, and to Index, I use GSA Search Engine Indexer. GSA Indexer I believe is worth the 20USD for the full version. You can often Scape websites for GSA Search Engine Ranker with GScraper or ScrapeBox. Backlink Automators are needed for these kinds of websites. So I recommend these tools.

EDIT 16/09/2019CE: With the new algorithm, Starting March 2020 NoFollow will now have more power than they once had, making potential to harm your money site, for this reason, I would suggest making a site which would look like your site and make the buttons for other pages go to your site also using no follow. You may also be able to switch rels for your spam (to mix it up), but they will still have similar effect. See Info on the new Changes HERE

Guerilla Satellites Are Good For:
Sites with Medium-High Competition
Burying your Competitors
Making a Monopoly
Having it look like there are different companies when it is just you
Getting your competitors out of business.

Guerilla Satellites are not Good For:
Super High Competition Keywords or Super Established Competitors.
People who don’t use them and suffer from their competitors using them.
People who like competition

Tools Recommended:
GSA Search Engine Ranker
GSA Search Engine Indexer
GScaper or ScrapeBox Emails (For making many Freenom Accounts, Freenom often limits accounts)
eBay Unlimited Hosting (Often Cheap, and Holds unlimited Sites)

16 September 2019 Google Algorithm Update

On 16 September 2019, Google Annouced rel=”sponsored” and rel=”ugs” and well as some changes for rel=”nofollow” in the future.

Sponsored is supposed to be for paid links. They have similar value to nofollows to my knowledge and you can potentially be penalised for not using them.

UGS stands for User Generated Content, and is stuff like comments, forums, article submission sites, web 2,0 sites, and similar sites. It seems similar to sponsored, but we are still waiting for effects.

Nofollow links will now have more potential to rank and get your site indexed. This change will start in March of 2020 CE. In the past they were suppose to not have much if any effect on your ranking (mostly the latter), but now the “may” have effect on your rankings and indexing (they were used to an extent to stop indexing of a site). This has negative effects on some SPAMY strategies like Guerilla Satellites. You may also be able to switch rels for your spam (to mix it up), but they will still have similar effect.

It is still kind of unclear, but it does not seem site owners need to implement these new rels on their sites.

Over here at Asbestosstar we will not use these new rels. On default all likes will be dofollow. Down with these changes! They suck for seo.