The Myth of a “Communist Country”

I often hear the phrases “Communist Country”. This term is flawed because in order to have communism, the state must wither away or have been abolished. While all countries today (that I know of) have centralised governments and claim land that they do not even use. Even “Communist” countries suffered from these things. They are mostly centralised, and often were imperialistic. These countries were is almost no way communist, but rather a version of Marxism. These countries are mistakenly called communist. Not even all of them say they have achieved communism yet. The more accurate way of how communism would work, is that there would be communes, these communes do not have centralised government, and decisions are made collectively by the commune. This is to make sure everyone is equal. Communes would also never be that big. Maybe a few hundred people at most, they may have set boundaries, but you are free to go in and out, and its almost never more than they need. You would always be able to easily leave your commune and join another, while in most countries you could not. People often misunderstand what I mean when I say I want communism, they seem to think I want the whole United States to be a single communist country. This is not the case; we do not want to keep the United States or whatever country, rather people would be in communes, there would probably be millions of communes in a place like the United States area, it would not be a single country. And if you really were to not like communism, I am sure there would be a lot of land not claimed by a commune which you could do capitalism stuff if you really wanted to.

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