Over 10 dead and 200 Injured after police open fire protesters in Bagdad بغداد.

A protest went on recently 1 October 2019 CE in  بغداد (Baghdad), the Capital of جمهورية العراق (Republic of Iraq). The protesters were protesting against unemployment, government corruption, and poor services provided by the government. Some background information, the current government there was largely created by the United States of America, and their current constitution was written in 2005 CE.


The new state has had a lot more issues than the past one did and has gotten in general much worse than it was before the overthrow of the past government. These have led the economy to worsen and cause a lot of problems that led up to the protest. Corruption, violence, stealing, and many more problems were created from the overthrow. The United States overthrew something bad and replaced it with something even worse.

Because of all the hardships incurred by the people, they started to protest the government and were met with shooting which lasted for hours until 22:30 Local Time. At least 10 people were omitted to the nearby hospital. It was one of the most violent events in the capital since 2016 CE. The protest was only around 3 000 people, but the security over reacted and started shooting people. They were chanting anti-government phrases and the rioting police came and started attacking protesters, and then the protesters started throwing rocks at at them, some waving Iraqi flags above the water cannons with some young people running away, some bleeding.


In a tweet, the populist nationalist Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr said he would start an investigate the protest on Tuesday. This is not the 1st time such anti-corruption protests happened, as in the past thousands more people would have came to these protests making it hard for the government to suppress them. The numbers provided by the Iraqi government seem minimised to prevent public pressure, they claim only 2 died. The Iraqi government says that they “regretted” the


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