Why Implicities are useless

Has someone ever implied you know to do something or implied you knew not to do something?It kinda sucks when they are angry at you or stop you from doing something because you did not follow a something implicit.

But another question, what is the point of using implications? They seem to only save little amounts of time if they work and seem to create lots of confusion and issues if they fail. People assume you know something that you do not. They do not take “you never told me” or “you never said” and an answer when the thing is, if they had told them, then this would not of likely happened, and they would of done it better.

I have no shame taking advantage of these implications most of the time. If they never said not to do to do something, and it benefits me, I often do it. I often also use it to avoid doing work. In Fact, this may be one of the steps we need to take to get rid of Implicities.

Some implications can be ok and may have a use, but are often not. One example is if you tell someone to do something and want them to do something else, and the 2nd thing you want them to do absolutely has to be done for the 1st thing to be done. But this can still have an issue if the 2nd thing does not HAVE to be done or the person you are giving the task to finds away around it. Also another one is if you include a word the other person does not know in a face-to-face or instant chat conversation. This CAN be ok because they an just tell you the word they don’t know. But this still can be annoying and it is often better to just use simpler vocab if you can. It is still better to not use this one.

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