What are Guerilla Satellites (SEO)?

A Guerilla Satellite is a mass-made website meant to reach the top of search engines using black hat methods for a short time and bring traffic to another site without hurting the site you want traffic to. It is often done by making tons(tens or hundreds or thousands) of super simple sites (like landing pages) on often free domains (such as .tk, .ml, .ga, .co.vu, and others) and cheap unlimited eBay hosting and putting a no-follow link to your money site. You then do black hat methods (such as invisible text, spun content, keyword stuffing, and most particularly,) on these Guerrillas Satellites to get them ranked high for a while (I have recently heard these are called churn and burn or rank and bank sites). The idea is you will have so many of them that once they start ranking high, they will reach the 1st page of your keyword, it will start to bury your competitors down pages of search engines. Once 1 Guerilla Satellite gets de-listed or penalised from Search Engines, there will be many more to replace it. Some search engines, such as Bing Powered ones, rarely seem to delist sites. So on these search engines, you would be ahead of your competitors with by many pages for a while (until someone makes a site with higher Domain and Page authority or Keyword Optimisation comes up). You can also do Negative SEO on your competitors (which may initially slow down the process and help them rank at 1st, but once Google and other search engines notice the attack these competitors may be penalised speeding up the process). Even if you do not do Negative SEO on your competition, you can still beat some of your competitors with these sites. The results to your competitors can be devastating. Many of your competitors who are at the top often require a steady flow of dough(money) to keep their business going. Without this dough, they may go out of business or be stunned(unable to grow) for a long time. While your competitors are getting beat down, you should continuing do SEO to your money site (main site you want to rank) so it can eventually be ahead of your competitors after the use of Guerilla Satellites or On the top page with Guerilla Satellites. You can also make many permanent Guerilla Satellites so when you decide to stop making chrun and burn ones you will still have many other sites on the top pages so your competitors are still hurt even without the rapid creation of Guerilla Satellites. Please be sure to make the links to your site on Rapidly made Black Hat using Guerilla Satellites NO-FOLLOW. This is because, if you use Do-Follow, it is likely Search Engines will count these sites as Backlinks, and since they use Black Hat Methods, it may do more harm than good to have them as do-follow backlinks. Guerilla Satellites are not too effective on more competitive keywords and more established competitors who have old domains with more authority than can be built in a month. To make Backlinks, I often Use GSA Search Engine Ranker, and to Index, I use GSA Search Engine Indexer. GSA Indexer I believe is worth the 20USD for the full version. You can often Scape websites for GSA Search Engine Ranker with GScraper or ScrapeBox. Backlink Automators are needed for these kinds of websites. So I recommend these tools.

EDIT 16/09/2019CE: With the new algorithm, Starting March 2020 NoFollow will now have more power than they once had, making potential to harm your money site, for this reason, I would suggest making a site which would look like your site and make the buttons for other pages go to your site also using no follow. You may also be able to switch rels for your spam (to mix it up), but they will still have similar effect. See Info on the new Changes HERE

Guerilla Satellites Are Good For:
Sites with Medium-High Competition
Burying your Competitors
Making a Monopoly
Having it look like there are different companies when it is just you
Getting your competitors out of business.

Guerilla Satellites are not Good For:
Super High Competition Keywords or Super Established Competitors.
People who don’t use them and suffer from their competitors using them.
People who like competition

Tools Recommended:
GSA Search Engine Ranker
GSA Search Engine Indexer
GScaper or ScrapeBox
BuyAccs.com Emails (For making many Freenom Accounts, Freenom often limits accounts)
eBay Unlimited Hosting (Often Cheap, and Holds unlimited Sites)

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