Using the Broken Windows Theory to your advantage

The Broken Windows Theory states that if one person does crime, most specifically stuff similar to vandalism, anti-social behaviour and other stuff, that it will create an environment where that is allowed and sometimes encouraged or the norm. People often use it to say why we should prevent crime and try to fix the damages of crime as quick as possible. This is to prevent the property and the property nearby from loosing value. But I am proposing something different. Instead of opposing the Broken Windows Theory, why not embrace it? What do I mean? I mean to let people put graphitte on your dwelling, dont stop a criminal doing their crime. Why should we do this? Because the more criminals that vandalise your property with their gang symbol, the more their competitor gangs want to 1 up them. Also if criminals see that it is easy to get away with a crime in a place, more will come do it. Then more criminals come, law enforcement starts to loose power, and is more crime comes and they loose power by the hour. Then they start to try to hire more cops. This part is bad, but more cops leads criminals to recruit more members to their gangs. They soon will have more power than the law enforcement. When the criminals are ahead of the cops at this point, the law enforcement has little chance of catching up. They will also mostly target more serious crimes. This leads to you having more freedom, LE will have less control over you and will big you less. Just maybe pay the criminals some money if they ask. I have had this idea this idea for a while. I recently heard that this was happening in Seattle. Tons of homeless people live there, and LE has little power there. They make this look bad, but I think it is good. There is more freedom there. This theory seems to lead to freedom. Thats why we should embrace it. Also, who does’nt like some art on their property?

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