Why I Disagree With Seat Belt Laws

Discussion in 'Anarchism' started by Asbestosstar, Nov 25, 2018.

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    Depending on where you live, you may have a law that states you must where a seat belt in the car. These laws suck because they take away your freedom and have little to no gain for anyone else.
    Here is a map of the united states showing the level of enforcement:

    The only state with no restrictions, is New Hampshire, and I believe minors still have the restriction.
    In many of these states, you must pay a fine, and in some even take traffic school. In your country it may be different.

    Why do I disagree? Well, what does anyone else gain from forcing someone else to where seat belts? I mean, its their life, if they want to take that risk, they should have the choice. If someone dies from not using a seat belt, its there choice, you most likely do not gain anything from stopping him, and if you did, his freedom I believe is worth more. If someone does get injured, just do not provide them welfare if they were not riding a seat belt, welfare should not even exist, why should someone else have to pay for you, and why should you have to pay for someone else? There is also and argument that is costs money to take the dead bodies off the street, well, if someone cared enough, they could just do it themselves and not have to rely on a government to do it. In fact, if there are people without seat belts, wouldn't it make more sense that they would drive more carefully to not get hurt? This thread does not mean I dislike the idea of using a seat belt, but rather why I dislike the idea of someone else enforcing it. Next, I will do why I am against prostitution laws, many of the same arguments will be used.

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