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    Built off of the current version of Firefox Portable (63.3), this browser is very similar to Firefox, but much more secure out of the box. Some sites you may visit may require JS, for that reason we have provided you the option to enable it for this session on a particular site, or globally. This can be changed in the noScript settings on the top left. It is not good to enable JavaScript Everywhere, it can be used to do stuff you may not want on your PC.

    It is only currently available for Windows, I expect to make more version soon:

    Win32: - 176.6 MB
    Win64: - 175.4 MB
    Click Free Download
    These are valid till 15 days since last download.

    The One that ends in 32 is the 32 bit one, and the one that ends in 64 is the 64bit version.

    They still have lots of the Firefox Branding and does not have an Installer, all of which will be handled in the RTM version.
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    To turn on the proxy you click on the human-like figure and click proxy on.

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