Asbestosstar's Browser 0.95 Will Be The Next Version

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    Asbestosstar's Browser 0.95 is going to be the next version of Asbestosstar's Browser.
    It will be a modified and Re-branded version of Firefox 60 ESR. We are aiming to wait for Firefox 60.4 ESR to be the base. The RC build coming soon will be based on 60.3 Most Likely.
    Features include:
    1) 1-Click Whois details for a site
    2) Ability to be used with Tor if Tor is installed
    3) 1 Click Cookie Disable/Enable
    4) Keyboard Shortcut for faster tab switching
    5) User Agent Spoofer
    6) Ad-Blockers
    7) More Search Engines
    8) Nicer UI
    9) JavaScript Manager
    10) Flash Manager
    11) Anti-Track stuff
    12) Higher Speed than other Browsers
    13) Proxy Switcher
    14) Other Anti-Track fetures
    15) More Efficient Side Bar on Right Side (Than Floppy Edition Fork and Asbestosstar's Browser Anniversary Edition)
    16) Our own user agent (Possibly)
    17) 1-Click new Private Browsing mode window for Private Browsing
    18) Other Little things

    Stay Tuned for an RC. Pictures coming soon.

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