FBI Looking At Public DNA Finders


I have always been against DNA Finders for this reason. I have said that the FBI will be able to have access to your DNA. If you have an identical twin who does crime you can be in trouble. DNA is a big thing used in Crime finding, but even if you claim you have nothing to hide, you still probably want the FBI or anyone knowing what you DNA is. Sometimes, you can be wrongly accused of a crime because your DNA was found. Plus, the government will always know where you go if they find your DNA in other places. Also, “Nothing to Hide” can be a flawed Argument, this is an article from DuckDuckGo/Spread Privacy, an online privacy company. I am sure there is some stuff even if not illegal that you do not want the people to know. A Reddit User gives a great example of this.

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Whenever I hear someone saying that they have nothing to hide, I ask them when they last masturbated and how often they do that. Then suddenly they seems to have things to hide after all… strange… If you have nothing to hide, you are either deliberately lying or have seriously bad imagination.

******OK Back To Me *******

Not everyone may be scared to hide this, but I doubt you want certain people knowing, and this is just one of millions of things people like to hide, and giving the government access to your DNA more easily can make it much easier for government to know that you were linked to something even if it is not illegal.

The Final Point I would like to make, is that if they can get away with this, they will eventually be able to get away with it even more. USA is already in many ways a censored police state with tons of surveillance. Do you really want more? I think life would be better if we all fought against all the spying we have, not allowing more.
If the FBI knows they can get away with 1 thing, then they know they probably can with another. They may say they have only used it for a few cases, but government has a rep of lying to people, and could have used it more, or even found a way to copy the whole DNA database to use for all future cases.

I would also recommend this writing on the Anarchist Library.

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