Asbestosstar’s Freedom Quiz V1

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We need a centralised government in order to work
Police Protect Us from People who want to hurt us.
All Cops Are Bastards
Antifa are Terrorists
Citizens of country should be forced to pay for a war via taxes even if they disagree with the war.
The United States is a free place.
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Representation and Indirect Democracy are considered pure democracy
Taxes are an effective way of making resources even
Religion Should be indoctrinated in public schools and made mandatory
Religion should be taught, but not indoctrinated in public schools, for the purpose of informing people about other cultures, beliefs, and ideas.
Should we Accept all religions
We should be secular
We should accept all races.
My Race is the Best
The Proletariat must be armed to fight tyranny.
Should Abortion be Legal?
Should drugs be legal?
Should you stop someone from doing something if you know it will harm them?
The Victim should be punished legally for vicitimising themselves, even if they do not believe they have been vicitimised.
The workers should have to do whatever the boss says
Most of the Bourgeoisie earned their money fair and square.
The Bourgeoisie exploits the Proletariat
Everyone should be treated equally and given equal opportunities, rights, and everything.
Authority is a Provable Idea