V1.0 Of Asbestosstar’s Island

We have all been waiting for it for half  a year!

Here it finally is,

We have tons of things for you,

Enemies(Sadly i had problems making the player die)


A start menu

And More!


Future Releases

During the development of V1.0 I noticed some bugs.

I was originally planning to make V1.0 the last free version, but now, I plan to make a prerealse 6, and V1.1 both Free for PC and Android and other devices.


We have added a joystick for mobile devices , we soon hope to export to them. We also soon hope to export this to Consoles such as XBox 360 XBox One , Play Station versions supported by unity, New Nintendo consoles. try for Atari.


We will have the source code for sale for US 0.25$. I promise it is worth it,

we also plan to do it for Pre5, In some ways we suggest waiting for either this or Pre6 Or V1.1. This 1.0 Version is to unstable and buggy, but good anyway.


Other Games

I originally planned to release all these on the same day a few months ago, but It took to long.  The Web Browser Is in Release Candidate Form.

Here are the other games

J#4life : A decision making game

2DforLife:A 2D action game

Asbestosstar’s Web Browser: A web Browser like FireFox or K-Meleon, For searching the World Wide Web

Astronomy: I had this one planned for quiet into the future. In this game you will be able to to Explore the known Multiverse.




Well Everybody, Thank you for the support I hope you like this game.


Island Survival Pre – Release 1

Its Here Y’all!!!! The first Pre-Release is here. It can be downloaded here

Island Survival Pre-1 Download

Click that URL. There are some problems with the pre-released game though. The Water takes the same Function as Grass. Plus it is flooding in some places. I will try to make the water more realistic. Also more Decorative. Also as of now there is not much you can do. It is also kind of dark and to exit the window you must press Esc (Escape). I will try to fix some or  all of these thing in the next pre-release. Also I want to also make this available on multiple platforms such as Ios and Android. Survive On Y’all.