Asbestosstar's Browser Floppy 1.44 Edition Is Here





Asbestosstar's Browser Floppy Edition is a Web Browser Designed For Older Computers. Its main proposes speed, we still have a long way to go in order to make this the best browser for Windows 9x and NT4/2000, but we are already in the game.

What's New In 1.44 Edition?




The System requirements For This Software are the Same As For .NET 1.1.

The Web Browser Partially Uses Runtime From your Computers IE, so its bets to have then newest version.

.Net Framework 1.1 Or 1.0(Only For 1.44 Edition, 1.0 does not support Floppy 1.0 Edition) (1.0 Included ON CD)
Around 80 Megabytes For .Net Framework
16-32 Megabytes Recommended in RAM (Though, not Many Modern Web Pages Will Run Well on THAT)
Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 7/6A Or Windows 98 Or Higher
This Will not Work on Windows 95 Or 3.x or Below Without Modification
Internet Connection
Floppy Port (If You Bough This on a floppy Disc)
CD/DVD Drive (If Your Bought This on CD or Are Installing .NET from a CD)
Most DVD drives support CDs

The Browser Views Web Pages And Performance depends on A little on OS

What Will You Get

You Will Get a 3.5 Inch Floppy Disc With The Browser On it, If You Want To Install it, just Copy The Folder inside, and then drop it in the Location you want it to be on.

A CD with the .NET FRAMEWORK Installer And Windows Installer 1.1. The File was too large so we had to Give It on a CD.



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Floppy 1 Edition

Install By dragging into the folder where the browser is located. Just Delete the other exe

Patch 1


Nothing Yet!