J#4Life! 1.0

Asbestosstar’s Island  Survival V1.0SE(SecondEditon)

Asbestosstar’s Island Survival Source code sub scription

Asbestosstar’s Web Browser RC 0.9

Asbestosstar’s Web Browser Source code subscription

J#4Life   PREVIEW Download

J#4Life Source Code Subscription

Donald trump and Hillary addon SRC. I was having compilation problems


Amerigovespuccip II Thanksgiving 2015 update (7th build Thanks Giving)

2DForLife Preview Source code(Free)


Asbestosstar’s Island Survival V1.0

Asbestosstar’s Island Survival Pre 5

I was too lazy to release 3 on its own, any how it was kind of small


Hazorduss IF version




Island Survival Pre2

amerigovespuccipII ( the 1st Build -7.2.1)

amerigovespuccip II (The 2nd build -7.1.0)   

amerigovespuccip II -7.0.0 alpha (3rd Build)

amerigovespuccip II -6.9.9 alpha(4th build)

amerigovespuccipII -6.9.8(5th build)

Amerigovespuccip II -6.9.7 pre -1 alpha(pre release 1 of 6th build)

Amerigovespuccip II -6.9.7 pre 0(2nd pre release of the 6th build)

AvpII -6.9.7 alpha not quit complete but resealable (6th build but not what i planned.

Island Survival Pre-1