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J#4Life! is a decision making game where you are a 15 year old teenager in a gang. You must make decisions which will impact which path you take. You can either win or loose depending on your decisions. It is in tact with MEMES and all kind of stuff.

This game is updated often, so keep coming here every once in a while.

J#4Life! 5 is Here!



Cheat Codes

Cheat Code Description
1Year Type this into the 1st page's TextBox and get a thank you page for playing J#4Life!. This was added in the Anniversary Edition (Thanks For Playing!)
Play Checkers With Bonzi Type this into the 1st page's TextBox and BonziBuddy will popup and a windows and possibly even the BonziCheckers program (A text based version), if you click on the box that says Bonzi Checkers. (Cool AF)
UpUpDownDownLeftRightLeftRightBA This is the Konami code in videogame culture, in the loose screen, the loosing screen will disappear and you automatically win. (Now Even We Use the Konami Code). This will appear in J#4Life! 5.0 and the online edition as soon as they come out.s
LOOSENOW Type this into the 1st Page's TextBox if you wanna see that loose screen automatically. (Why would you want this?)
ABBA This is a code in Akari Warriors where if you die you type this in super fast to not die. Well in J#4Life!, we use this to not die, so when you die, type this in to get back.
MEETAYA This cheat code was mainly used for testing, but it brings you right to Mrs.Telemetry, The orgin of the name for the cheat code is from who Mrs.Telemetry's Based on's name. This is in J#4Life! 5.0 and Above.
RIPTed This is in tribute for Ted Dabney's death. Ted Dabney if you do not know was a co-founder of Atari. Type this on the Start Screen and you will see the Wikipedia page on Ted Dabney. This is In J#4Life! 5.0 and Above.
AWINNERISYOU The Opposite of LOOSENOW, type this into the 1st Page's TextBox if you want to win the game automatically. (Brag Rights)